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Lakefront property owners get to enjoy fishing, boating, and relaxing on the water. With 650 miles of shoreline, Lake Murray is among the largest markets for lake homes in South Carolina. You get an excellent blend of lake living without compromising on the conveniences of city living.

However, what most people don’t talk about is the maintenance requirement for lakefront property docks, boat ramps, and buildings. Let’s face it, you have probably spent a fortune acquiring this piece of property. If you want to save on costs and guarantee durability, you need to carry out the following cleaning practices.

Cleaning the Siding

Lakefront property is constantly exposed to harsh elements such as strong sunlight and high moisture. The biggest problem, however, is dealing with mold and mildew. Use powdered oxygen bleach and liquid dish soap to clean your vinyl, brick, stone, or plank siding. Interestingly, oxygen bleach is safe to use because it adds oxygen back into the pond or lake. Since paint acts as the first layer of protection for your lakefront property, consider using a low VOC product.

Handling Build-Up of Algae

When living next to a lake, you can’t avoid dealing with algae build-up. The good news is that you can remove algae in a few simple steps. Use oxygen bleach for dock cleaning to get rid of any build-up of algae. To ensure algae never grows back on your roof, install a strip of copper- or zinc-coated sheet metal on the roof’s sides.

Cleaning the Concrete

Cleaning a concrete boat ramp is never as simple as it seems. Understand that not all surfaces can be cleaned in the same manner. Concrete cleaning involves removing a lot of dirty spots and stains, which might take a bit of time. Using a pressure washer for exterior house cleaning is the best solution because it saves a lot of time.


The cleaning method you choose will depend on the material construction of that particular surface. Since the maintenance practice can be rather demanding, it would be best to find a local cleaning service. At Pro Finish Pressure Washing, we can help you maintain your lakefront property. Ensure you request a quote today to get help from professionals in Lake Murray.