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If you own or manage an apartment community, it’s important to keep your property clean and in pristine condition. One of the best ways to do so is to regularly have your apartment community pressure washed by a professional experienced in commercial cleaning. While there are many reasons why this should be a regular feature of your maintenance program, here are 4 big ones to consider:

1. Create a Great First Impression

There’s always some turnover when it comes to tenants in apartment communities. When one tenant leaves, you want to have another one move in as soon as possible — and you definitely want that new tenant to treat your property well.

Of course, in order to attract respectable tenants, it’s important that your property leaves a good impression on them. If you pressure wash the grounds on a regular basis, then you won’t have to worry about unpleasant sights or smells detracting from its appearance. In this way, you’ll be able to draw in high-quality tenants that will truly respect your property, and make your job much easier.

2. Ensure the Safety of Your Tenants

There are plenty of ethical, legal, and financial reasons why you should focus on tenant health and safety. After all, your renters deserve to live in a clean, hazard-free environment; and the penalties for negligence may be severe.

Pressure washing is an excellent way to promote health and safety throughout your community. For example, by regularly having your concrete swimming pool area cleaned, you’ll avoid the growth of mold and other contaminants. You’ll also ensure that the area surrounding the pool isn’t slimy or slippery, which could lead to falls and serious injuries.

Of course, regular pressure washing will also demonstrate in a very visible way that you care about your tenants. When they see that, they’ll be less likely to leave, and more likely to work with you on any policy updates or upcoming projects you have.

3. Preserve the Value of Your Property

Even if you plan to own or manage your apartment community for years to come, unexpected events happen all the time. There may come a time when it’s necessary to sell the complex.

If you’ve kept up with your pressure washing program on a consistent basis, then your property’s value will likely be appraised at a higher value than it would have otherwise. It truly is amazing what cleanliness can do to a property’s value. Regular pressure washing may mean the difference between selling the property at a premium price and “giving it away” for less than what it’s worth.

4. Prevent Damage from Mold and Mildew

Regular pressure washing your apartment community can result in fewer repairs down the road. For example, if you keep mold and mildew off your apartments, then your wood panels or other siding materials will likely last longer, and won’t need to be replaced for quite some time. The bottom line is that regular pressure washing can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of a regular pressure washing program, or would like to request your free quote, reach out to our team of friendly professionals at Pro Finish Pressure Washing today!