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We Provide Two Types of Professional Window Cleaning in Columbia SC

Traditionally, window cleaning has always been done using a squeegee, however, advances in technology have brought us the WaterFed® pole system. Both of these methods will result in sparkling clean windows, which you choose depends on the location of the windows you want washed, and your personal preference. The WaterFed® pole system is fast and efficient for outdoor windows, even if they're up high. The squeegee method is better for indoors, because the water is contained and won't get everywhere, like the pole system. Our professional window cleaning staff can help you decide which method is best for your circumstances.

Whether you live in a home, or manage an entire apartment complex, we can help keep your windows sparkling clean. Add this service to your regular external house washing to keep your house looking fresh. In addition to residential window washing, we also provide commercial window washing, along with our other exterior pressure washing services for commercial buildings.

WaterFed® Pole Cleaning

WaterFed® systems use pure water to clean windows effectively. After the dirt has been washed off, the stream of water from the WaterFed® brush rinses the window. We use purified water in this system, resulting in spot-free cleaning, without the need for a squeegee. Once it dries you'll see nothing but a clean, clear window!

WaterFed® Poles Wash Windows on the second floor without a ladder

WaterFed® Poles are what scrub the window and deliver the pure water. These poles are often 60 feet or more long and are generally made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber. These materials are lighter and much more rigid than traditional aluminum extension poles. This enables the technician to effectively clean high windows without a ladder.

Water Purification System cleans windows spot-free

The WaterFed® Pole System that we currently use circulates the water through three filters before it's applied to your window. This system removes all dissolved solids from the water, which results in water so clean it will dry spot free.

See how fast and easy this system is in the video below!

Professional Window Cleaning using a Squeegee

We use a squeegee for all indoor window washing. Our professional window cleaning process starts with a thorough initial walk-through before any windows are washed. Each screen is carefully removed to permit access to the window and frame. A light cleaning solution is applied to pre-soak the surface, which allows hardened materials like dirt, grime, bug markings, and bird droppings to loosen. A microfiber scrubber is used to further loosen any remaining material. The windows are then cleaned with a professional grade squeegee. We carefully wipe the squeegee blade after every stroke using a dry towel. To avoid excess moisture from developing on the sides of the window, water is cleared on all four sides. We inspect all work upon completion to ensure the window is clean and replace all screens.