Should you try DIY Pressure Washing?

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Thinking about DIY pressure washing your house this weekend?

Attempting to pressure wash your property yourself is not a practical choice. Although you might think it looks easy, many things can go wrong with DIY pressure washing. Here are a handful of reasons why you should leave pressure washing to the professionals:

Excess Water Usage

Without proper equipment, you may be wasting water by the gallon while pressure washing. Wasted water costs money and is not environmentally sound. Pro Finish uses professional-grade equipment and manages water pressure so that none is wasted.

No Cleaning Strategy

Not having a well-organized strategy can lead to sub-standard cleaning that wastes both your time and money. Not cleaning washable surfaces in the appropriate order can cause streaking and redistribution of dirt. You will also waste expensive cleaning solutions.

Dangerous Conditions

It is challenging to use complicated pressure washing equipment without proper training. The power of a high-pressured stream is considerably more hazardous than that of a garden hose. There is also the danger of experiencing an electric shock. A trip to the hospital is not worth saving a couple of dollars.

Using the Wrong Pressure

Different surfaces require different types of pressure. If you don’t know that, you could damage surfaces with excessive pressure.

DIY vs. Professional Pressure Washing Company May Not Save

Before you get out there and start the pressure washer, give us a call. You might be surprised at how little our exterior house washing will cost, compared to DIY.